Where can I buy Nuttvia in my country?

To find out where to buy Nuttvia in your country please visit CLICK HERE.

If your country is not on the page, Nuttvia is not yet available in your country. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with new stockists.

Is Nuttvia vegan and dairy-free?

Nuttvia is proudly 100% vegan approved and dairy-free!

What sweeteners are in Nuttvia?

Nuttvia is sweetened with the best tasting natural stevia sweetener, Natvia. We also use Maltitol. Both sweeteners ensure the sweetness perfectly matches the sweetness of similar sugar-based products, but without all the sugar!

Where do the carbohydrates came from in Nuttvia?

The carbohydrates are primarily from Maltodextrin, an ingredient used to both sweeten and thicken our Nuttvia spread. 

Is Nuttvia gluten-free?

Nuttvia is gluten-free.

Is Nuttvia packaging recyclable?

Yes. Nuttvia’s packaging can be 100% recycled! 


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