Natvia cares about the environment AND your taste buds which is why our hazelnut spread is


for the environment

Indulging in your favourite hazelnut spread should never come at the cost of the environment and that’s why we’ve committed to being completely vegan, 100% recyclable, and PALM OIL FREE! Delicious hazelnut spread has never been this guilt-free.

#SpreadGood with less sugar

While most other spreads are packed with added sugars, Natvia Hazelnut Spread has 98% LESS SUGAR compared to similar brands. No need to compromise on flavour or health!

#SpreadGood for the orangutans

Orangutans and Sumatran tigers are some of the most beautiful animals in the rainforest. They ore being driven to extinction in part due to the destruction of their rainforest habitat for agriculture, primarily non-sustainable palm oil.

Natvia Hazelnut Spread has been certified by the Orangutan Alliance no palm oil seal of approval, meeting the highest standards for ensuring our products don’t negatively impact the environment of these beautiful creatures.

#SpreadGood for the environment

The world’s most beautiful rainforests are being destroyed and burnt down, in part, due to the production of palm oil. Stand with us and say NO to palm oil!

#SpreadGood for your tastebuds

Natvia Hazelnut Spread is FREAKING delicious! Smooth, rich hazelnut and chocolate flavours you’ll absolutely LOVE! Indulge cruelty-free with ZERO compromises.