Nuttvia Mug Cake

Craving for cake but can’t use the oven? Incomplete ingredients? Want a small portion all to yourself? We have the perfect solution for you: the Nuttvia Mug Cake! You heard that right – it’s cake IN A MUG. The cake batter is fairly simple to make; you just need a mug, milk, an egg, Nuttvia, flour, and cacao powder. You’re in for a nice surprise once you take out the mug from the microwave — a moist, rich, and guilt-free chocolate cake that practically rose out of nowhere! Don’t forget to dip your spoon real deep to get that gooey Nuttvia spread inside! This dessert is prepared in under 5 minutes, and probably gone in under 5 minutes as well! Go on, we’re sure you want to rush in to the kitchen now. No apron necessary this time!



1 tbs Milk

1 Egg

3 tbs Nuttvia

1.5 tbs Self raising flour

1.5 tbs Cacao Powder, plus extra for sprinkling



Grease a large mug or ramekin

Whisk together the milk and egg. Add half of the Nuttvia, flour and cacao powder and whisk until smooth.

Pour half of the mix into the mug/ ramekin and then add in the rest of the Nuttvia. Pour the remaining cake batter over the top to cover

Heat in the microwave for 1-1.5 minutes

Remove and sprinkle with extra cacao powder.

Serves: 1

Prep time: 5

Cooking time: 1 minute


Isn’t this mug cake just heaven-sent? The ingredients are super easy to find, the cake itself is quickly-made, and you can make it anytime you want to. Oh, and in case you’re feeling creative, you can always grab a hold of any available fruit in your kitchen and add it on top of the mug cake. #SpreadGood by telling your cake-lover friends about this latest no-bake trend. Do remember to tag us when you share it on Facebook or Instagram!

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