Simple Ice Cream

Simple Ice Cream

Amp up your Ice Cream game with some Nuttvia goodness. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than to cool yourself down with some delicious, frozen goodness. Chocolate, banana, strawberry, we all have our favourite flavours but no one can say no to an extra dollop or two of delicious Nuttvia on their ice cream.

With this super simple recipe, we take full advantage of the usually empty space within your ice cream cone and fill it with delicious Nuttvia. Just to make this ice cream experience even more mouthwatering we add a little extra Nuttvia on top too.

Go on, give this Simple Ice Cream recipe a go, it’s the perfect cool-down treat!



  • Waffle Cones
  • Nuttvia
  • Ice Cream of choice


  1. Fill the inside of the waffle cone with Nuttvia. Make sure it fills the bottom of the cone.
  2. Scoop in your choice of ice cream
  3. Top ice cream off with a dollop of ice cream
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