Little Carmen captivates everyone. She was tiny when she first arrived at the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) Care Centre in 2014, after local Forestry Officers confiscated her.

She gets along well with all her orangutan friends; it’s humans that are the ones that make her wary. 

Carmen can be very shy with new people and prefers to stick with familiar caregivers. However, once you’ve become her friend, she will trust you no matter what and is always gentle and calm-natured with those she has come to know well.

Carmen has a number of mannerisms that make her distinctive. Like a child who sucks her thumb for comfort, Carmen enjoys rolling her lips and sucking them inwards. She will do so from time to time when she is concentrating hard. When there is a cool breeze, and she is feeling particularly playful, Carmen enjoys holding on to the trunk of a tree and dramatically panting out air with her mouth wide open, much like a dragon!

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