Meet Holland

MARCH 19 2019

Since her arrival at Pondok Danielle, Orangutan Foundation International's Australia (OFI) orangutan nursery, Holland has won the hearts of OFI caregivers and volunteers alike. She is a particularly adorable infant orangutan. There is something about her soulful eyes and quiet charm that people find captivating.

Holland had a rough start. The loss of her mother and the burns on her hand when she arrived at OFI tell us of her tragic past. There is no way for us to know for sure what happened but it appears she was captured and her mother killed in a fire. She arrived at the Care Centre an orphan, but she has found a loving surrogate mother in Ibu Yeti, the co-ordinator of Pondok Danielle, who cares for little Holland as if she was her own child. This maternal connection is very important to orphaned orangutans who crave the affection and require the attention of their mother until they reach adolescence.

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