Meet Hockey

MARCH 19 2019

Hockey is the sweetest, most gentle and most loving orangutan you could ever hope to imagine. Hockey is an adolescent now. She had a stroke as an infant before she came to Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) Care Centre.

Subsequently, she is completely paralysed down the left side of her body and suffers from seizures. As a result of these seizures, she needs to be extra careful with her, keeping an eye on her at all times.

Hockey is loved by all who know her. With her calm nature and inquisitive character, she owns the gift of a remarkable and serene character. She only needs to gaze into your eyes for you to fall under her spell. Hockey is happiest when she has someone talking or singing to her or giving her great big cuddles. She looks right into your eyes and if you let her she will plant giant sloppy kisses all over your face.

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